Welcome to viciv.com.

I created this site to host tools that I needed and wanted. Right now, I'm working to create an easy-to-use event registration/invitation tool.

This is a work in progress. I'm adding new features daily as I think of things I'd like to do or do differently. Feedback is welcome. (I know, there's no place to provide feedback yet. It will be done by the end of May.)

viciv.com is free, as in pizza. It's isn't even 'google free' - where there is no monetary cost but they exact a toll in the collection of personal data and advertisements. (Note, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. I love google's tools. Just looking to clarify what I mean by free.)

In fact, I don't even really want to collect and store your personal data. I ask for an email address, but you can give me a fake one and still use the site - you just won't be able to do stuff that requires a vaidated email - like send emails. You have the option of uploading your contacts or not. Rest assured, that I hate spam, so I have no interest in doing anything with any data that you provide me. If you're worried about it, don't do it. (I also endeavor to protect any data that you do give me. For example, passwords are heavily salted and hashed.)

viciv.com isn't free to me, obviously. I spend money, and more importantly, time creating the tools that I need. I thought that others might see some usefulness, so I'm making then available. But remember that this is free. I hate bugs and appreciate being notified of things, but indignation probably isn't the best starting position.

You may see some placeholders for things not yet build. I have a list of hundreds of outstanding features, code optimizations, and things to improve. But there isn't a development team. There is only I, with an hour or two free each week.

Finally, it should be obvious that there are no warranties, express or implied. I welcome suggestions - there are certainly lots of things I haven't thought of. If you find the site useful, though, it's a gift - a free gift, with no strings attached: save one - keep things family friendly. Look - there are plenty of places and avenues to do mature stuff online. If that's your thing, it isn't anything to me. Just keep it off my site. Keep things G-rated, or at most, PG. If you do things that I think are inappropriate, I'll deactivate your account or block your IP address. If there's too much nonsense, I'll restrict it only to friends and family or move the tools to my intranet. Don't ruin things for others. I was saddened when crush3r got overrun by spammers, which led me to create viciv - but the fate of crush3r is a sobering lesson for anyone creating tools available to the public - it only takes a few people to ruin things for everyone.

Update 2012-04-24

There is a fully functioning task management component on viciv.com. Check it out.

Note that I'm aware of a bug in the mailer where bulk emails repeat the buttons. This will be corrected shortly.

Also, I'm working to update the scaffolding so that the site works on mobile devices. This will take some time. I will be starting with the task management functionality.